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The Walking Dead Review: "Killer Within" [Geek Binge]

Geek Binge: Even in a crazy world of zombie chaos, Rick Grimes is still a man of law and order. Despite all the people he’s had to kill and zombies he’s had to slay, Rick still likes to believe that good people should be rewarded, and bad people should be punished. Which puts him obviously at odds with the two remaining prisoners of the prison. Honestly, I don’t think Rick wanted to keep the prisoners separate simply due to fear for the safety of the group. He’s a cop; as he expressed in a token “I WAS A COP AND THIS WAS THE MISTAKE I MADE” story, Rick believes that people who committed crimes belong in prison, no if, ands, or buts about it. Let’s see if a complete and utter disaster in the prison will change its mind! One thing’s for sure…it made quite an awesome episode.

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TheCritic284130d ago

Wow...THAT was an episode. R.I.P. T-Dog :(

aDDicteD4130d ago

he will be missed! i was kinda hoping that merle will be the one to kill him cause he was the one who dropped the keys to merle's handcuff, but i guess being a hero and saving carol is a better way for him to go.

Soldierone4130d ago

This episode was......INSANE!

Only thing holding it back was the poor editing of cutting to Woodbury when suspense was building.....

TheCritic284130d ago

Agreed...that was the only thing keeping the episode back for me. That said, the transition with the governor hitting the golf ball and the gun shot was pretty great.

Soldierone4130d ago

That was pretty neat, but they should have left it at that.


I think the one that really ticked me off is when TDog got bit, they cut to commercial, then come back to the most boring conversation of the season between Andrea and Governor.....I was like WHY ARE WE WASTING TIME! WHAT HAPPENED TO TDOG!

I personally don't care about Andrea yet, and they are not making Michonne awesome yet either. The whole Woodbury scenes are slow moving and boring.

timmyp534130d ago

God damn I got spoiled hard as hell on this and I'm not talking about the troll comment above lol.

TheCritic284130d ago

Well word of advice...stay off the comment thread for a submission about a specific episode of television. You WILL be spoiled. I can't imagine why you would click on this anyways if you haven't seen the show :/

timmyp534130d ago

Lol yeah I was looking for articles to submit and the IGN one had a spolier tag but it had the spoiler right underneath lol. Of course I don't go throught the review or comments.

aDDicteD4130d ago


I wasn't expecting those things to happen,,specially the deaths! so many, i thought it'll be just 1 but there's a lot in this episode. after watching this episode my brain still can't process those things that happened, it just happened so fast. lol

alycakes4130d ago

Totally awesome episode but heart wrenching and I actually was driven to tears for Carl at the end...if you think about it...he's the one that actually suffered the most.

Soldierone4129d ago

The speech from Lori was epic, but Ricks performance in the end was amazing! Really emotional episode, was in aw that they can still do it!

alycakes4129d ago

I know...I had tears in my eyes when all that happened at the end with Rick and the baby coming out was so emotional.

Soldierone4129d ago

Also the visual representations were great almost the entire scene.

Carl walking out with a straight face. You kind of see him as a teenager now, growing up.

Maggie crying not able to say anything to Rick.

Then Rick falling to the ground, showing he just hit his absolute low and finally broke.

Watching it I couldn't help but remember the episode where Rick is talking about Lori to Shane (I believe it was episode 1) and how they fight, but always forgive each other

alycakes4129d ago

So much came up at that was just heart wrenching and just so sad. It almost felt real and really hurt like it happened to someone I really knew.


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