‘Hell On Wheels’ Showrunner John Shiban Departs, Series’ Renewal On Hold

AMC just issued a statement confirming that Hell On Wheels showrunner John Shiban has left and that the series’ third season renewal is now contingent on hiring a new showrunner approved by the network. In a statement, Shiban called the departure “a difficult decision.”

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Soldierone3788d ago

This show isn't that great, and AMC pretty much killed it by saying it was "like the walking dead" then advertising it as action packed.

They were better off targeting the History channel fans.

darklordzor3788d ago

I never got into this all. I tried and tried, but it just isn't that interesting. The characters aren't as entertaining as they obviously try to be, and the story is way too slow.

alycakes3788d ago

It was a little slow and although I liked a couple of the main actors in it a lot...the story really needed some boosting up. Killing off one of the main characters at the end didn't help their cause any either so I have a feeling it's not coming back.