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Sony Pictures Releasing International Posts Biggest Year: Studio On Way To First $4B

Sony Pictures Releasing International is at $2.16 billion through today. It’s thanks in part to the fast success of the 23rd James Bond film Skyfall and Resident Evil: Retribution, the recent Hotel Transylvania and the summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man as well as The Vow, 21 Jump Street, and Men In Black 3.

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Soldierone4136d ago

Wasn't there just an article talking about them struggling? lol

timmyp534136d ago

Well they still may be even through that because of how other sectors of Sony are doing. Yet in the movie business they are doing fine IMO but then again I just watch movies I don't make or sell them.

Soldierone4135d ago

Yeah there is no denying other elements of Sony is struggling. But to say Sony is going to randomly sell off its best branches to compensate it? Thats like saying MS is going to sell off Xbox or Windows branches because the Zune struggled. lol

calis4135d ago

Isn't it their TVs that are struggling the most?


Bad Boys For Life- red band trailer (Sony) In theaters January 17th, 2020

The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.


How The Spiderman Deal Will Affect The Future of The MCU

With Disney and Sony fighting over Spiderman rights, let's take a look at how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will deal with Spideys' absence...

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Spider-Man cancellation is Disney's fault, not Sony's

Marvel/Disney have failed to extend their Spider-Man licensing deal after negotiation with Sony went south. Tom Holland won't be returning as Spidey in MCU.

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BrownRanger1656d ago

it's Sony's IP. Disney had no right to demand. They messed this up.

Ace3261655d ago

It isn't Sony's IP. Sony has the film license for Spider-Man. Marvel still owns Spider-Man so if anything Sony is holding Spider-Man film license hostage.

Prince-Ali1655d ago

Nah that's LITERALLY not how it works or business in general ... lool Disney fucked this one up!

Allsystemgamer1655d ago

Sony owns the film RIGHTS to Spider-Man. There’s no hostage taking. Marvel sold it to them. They own it.

bradfh1655d ago

Sony saved spider-man if Disney was going to make him gay.

zodiac9091655d ago

@Ace326 Were you born yesterday? Sony has held the rights for this film IP for more than 15 years now..

killswitch801655d ago

Why are people down voting Ace326 they are the only person that said it correctly . They have timed license agreement and if they do not make Spider-man in a set amount of years they lose the license. This is what happened back in the 90s a studio rushed to make a Fantastic Four film so they would not lose the license.

Chevalier1655d ago

" Why are people down voting Ace326 they are the only person that said it correctly . They have timed license agreement and if they do not make Spider-man in a set amount of years they lose the license. This is what happened back in the 90s a studio rushed to make a Fantastic Four film so they would not lose the license."

All Sony has to do is prove they have a movie in development and they retain their license indefinitely though. With Spiderverse 2 already in development, Venom 2 and all the other Spiderman characters like Black Cat, Silver Sable movies in development already there's ZERO chance Sony will lose Spiderman.

Disney has no power in these negotiations. Same with why there are no solo Hulk movies because Universal has those rights. Disney wants more to go from taking 5% to 50% when Sony's movies make the same worldwide compared to Disneys Spiderman movies why would Sony agree to that?! Amazing Spiderman made almost as much as Homecoming did worldwide so there's no reason to believe they can't again.

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SodoBot1656d ago

Anyone knows when Sony lose the license?

2pacalypsenow1655d ago

They would have to not make a Spider Man movie for like 5 years I believe.

TricksterArrow1655d ago

Does this count animated movies? Because I think they can go on forever with those. There's absolutely endless possibilities.

Ace3261655d ago

Essentially never. The rerelease of Far From Home will start the 5 year cycle over. Venom 2 is in development and I believe that also counts towards the license.

Chevalier1655d ago

They also have Silver Sable/Black Cat and Spiderverse 2 already in development too.

kevinsheeks1655d ago

unfortunately as long as they make one even if trash they have it forever essentially :(

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Deadpoolio1655d ago

Yeah because clearly Sony are intelligent and not going to deal with Disney's crap....Sony 100% financed the Spider-man films, and gave Disney 5% of the box office....Disney also got 100% of the films merchandising rights and 100% of the money that the merchandise makes.....

There is no universe where Disney deserves 50% of the profits, when they put in ZERO dollars, let Sony finance it all yet give them nothing for the merchandise and, nothing for the MCU films that Spider-man has appeared in....Greedy Disney looking to be greedy again....

Just like how they change things in Star Wars to avoid paying Lucas royalties, and refuse to make a solo Hulk film because Universal has to be atleast asked IF they want to distribute it.....Gotta love Disney can't make all the money for something so they would rather make nothing....

MIDNIITE_Z3RO1655d ago

Disney's other properties make so much money, that's why they can afford to try and make moves like this, come out with nothing, and still be ok. Kinda sucks, but I already know where Sony is gonna go with this. Gonna do a Venom-Spidey film for sure now. I'd be surprised if that doesn't go down.

1655d ago
SuggestionBoy1656d ago

Well.. at least we are getting another Matrix movie with Keanu: )

Retroman1655d ago

Yeah, but without Morpheus (Laurence Fishburn) Neo can't hold the complete movie alone without Morpheus.

KingPin1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

actually, morpheus isn't needed as much now all things considered.
Neo believes he is the one. Morpheus character arc of finding, training and making him believe he is the one to make peace between man and machine is complete.

would be nice to have him in the movie though but its not a make or break thing.

Edit: i would rather be hoping that Hugo Weaving makes a return.

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