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Budget For The New Mortal Movie Revealed

So, how much money will director Kevin Tancharoen have to play with when he begins filming the next Mortal Kombat live-action featured film? CBM talks with Warner Bros. executive Lance Sloan who reveals the budget for the film and how they came about choosing the director.

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timmyp533788d ago

Not a bad budget but if they are just aiming to please fans then I can see this thing bombing. Well honestly I can see this thing bombing either way.

aDDicteD3788d ago

the budget is pretty low unless they are aiming to just please die hard fans. if they want to go beyond pleasing die hard fans and widen there target market they should go for 70 million. i know the first successful mortal kombat film has a low budget but that was in the 90's and the competition in visual graphics was not yet there. hope the movie will be awesome. im a die hard mk fan.