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The Man With The Iron Fist Review | Entertainment Fuse

Entertainment Fuse:
The Blacksmith and Jack Knife, Lady Silk and Gold Lion, The X-Blade and Brass Body – you know you’re in for something when characters sport names that would be right at home in a pulpier version of Street Fighter. What that “something” we’re ultimately in for is, is another story entirely.

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Total Recall Ending Explained: Was it All Just a Dream?

Total Recall remains one of the most celebrated sci-fi movies of all time, but many are confused by the film's ending.


5 Best Feminist Sci-Fi Movies to Watch This International Women's Day 2024 | Leisurebyte

Take some time this Women's Day to watch the best feminist sci-fi movies that empower and represent women.

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Dune: Part Two Review – Fortress of Solitude

Denis Villeneuve completes cinema.

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