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AMC Theaters Adding In Theater Dining

Fox2Now Writes:
It’s either a dining experience you’ve never seen or a movie experience you’ve never seen. All 16 auditoriums at the AMC West Olive Cinema in Creve Coeur are getting upgrades that’ll change the way you think about going to the movies.

timmyp534220d ago

What in the blue hell. Why would you want waiters walking in front you. LMAO. That video is hilarious I don't know why. I just want the desk-table thingy for my nachos and other messy food.

Soldierone4220d ago

They already have chains here that are built just for that. You get a Lazy Boy chair (with a recliner if you choose) a side table, and can order food and wine.

It's expensive and not worth it. Just go out to eat beforehand.

AMC sucks, so this probably won't be affordable either and their chairs will probably be the most budget friendly chairs they can find.

TheCritic284219d ago

Yeah...why must we combine dinner and a movie? Are we that lazy as a society now?

Soldierone4219d ago

I guess so. I mean nothing beats taking your GF to a dinner and not being able to talk, let alone taking an hour or two out of your date by combining two key elements.....

I mean if it was still around the same price of a regular movie I'd go just go to. It wouldn't be dinner, but itd be interesting to me. A ticket to the local chain here is 30 dollars for ONE person, and that doesn't include the recliner chair, wine, or blanket. Its just the movie and one item meal.


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