Death Of A Star (Wars)

PopBucket writes: I’m hurt and annoyed that the films which have meant so much throughout my life are slowly having their value drained, becoming a franchise to feed the profits of an already evil empire.

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Soldierone3680d ago

How is Disney so evil? They are the only major Hollywood company that is still American owned. Every other company has a parent company that is owned in another country....

If Disney didn't buy Marvel or Lucas Films then someone else would have. WB is about the only other company I'd trust with either of them, but look at what they do with DC Comics.....absolutely nothing beyond video games. At least Disney has routes to take to utilize both assets.

aDDicteD3679d ago

disney owning star wars franchise is not a bad thing but rather a good thing for us fans who are awaiting more and more star wars project. john carter sucked but at least it served as a mistake that disney would learn from. episode 7,8 and 9 would be great. if they get the right actors and get the perfect director, star wars may be back for another decade.