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Oscars: Studio-by-Studio Look At This Year’s Hopefuls

"With the awards season is dissected and examined these days, it might appear as though creating a successful campaign is simply a matter of shrewd marketing and a key release date. But even the most cynical strategist will admit that luck is still as much a part of earning an Oscar nomination as anything else."

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timmyp534244d ago

Critically I think Argo might be the front runner but time will tell.

alycakes4243d ago

I saw this movie and it really is looking like it's going to have a good chance to win big this year.


The Hijacking of Flight 601 Review - Filmzzine

The Hijacking of Flight 601 Review: The series based on a true event re-imagines the longest lasting hijacking in Latin America.

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“Oppenheimer” Is Going To Take The Oscars By Storm…Unfortunately

Shaz from FL writes: “The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and if recent shows are any indication, Oppenheimer will be taking its biggest prize. But should it?”

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5 Movies to Watch on 4th of July

5 Movies to Watch on 4th of July that will bring out the patriot in you

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