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Of all the movie adaptations in history, it’s video games that tend to fare the worst. Time and time again, fans have flocked to the cinema to get a glimpse of their favorite series, hoping that this film will be the one, the one that gets their game, the one that gets them as a gamer.

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Soldierone3798d ago

I HIGHLY recommend everyone to go see this movie. Even if you are not a gamer, I bet you are a candy lover! This movie was fantastic!

ReconHope3798d ago

Never played this video game but still want to watch this.

Soldierone3797d ago

It isn't a game :P Well it "is" but the game is just a movie spin off game.

They actually took classic characters and icons and threw them all into one big movie. The main games they go into are entirely made up, but are based on classics. Like Sugar Rush is a mix of Mario racing titles etc...

It's really neat!