Kristen Stewart in Talks to Star Opposite Ben Affleck in Focus

After The Twilight Saga ends for Kristen Stewart this November 16th, she may have a role lined up to star opposite Ben Affleck in Focus. We previously reported that Affleck was circling a role, and Warner Bros. was looking to fast-track the project once they found a female lead. It looks like Stewart is their choice. Focus, written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa of Crazy Stupid Love, tells the story of a “veteran con man who gets involved with a newcomer to the grifter business. They get involved romantically but that becomes perilous in a business where they lie and cheat for a living. The complications of the encounter haunt them when they meet up again in the future.” Hit the jump for more.

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ReconHope3798d ago

Ben Affleck don't do it.

KingPin3798d ago

just by the story alone it sounds like a lame movie. pass!!