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Top 11 Directors Who Should Helm Star Wars Ep. VII

LRA writes: Below you will find a list of eleven current filmmakers/directors who would not only breath new life into the franchise for new fans, but also respect the older fans who have supported the franchise over the decades (something that unfortunately wasn't part of Lucas' agenda with the prequels). The possibilities are limitless but this list unfortunately, isn't. Every single one of the directors mentioned below would no doubt make a great Star Wars film, but only one can make Episode 7 and that one person will be given the task of making the first film in the franchise since 1983 that isn't named George Lucas. So without further ado, here are the eleven filmmakers (listed in order of their potential to make the best Star Wars film possible) who have the greatest chance at making Star Wars viable once again and return it to its former glory. It's time to get excited about Star Wars again!

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StarWarsFan4190d ago

I think Bryan Singer would be the best choice from that list. Superman Returns showed he could update a franchise and yet at the same time stay true to the original through music and feel. I don't believe the next Star Wars movies need to have a drastically different feel.

Duncan Jones? Ridiculous. He's done nothing to deserve a chance at something like this. Peter Jackson would make it too overextended and dramatic like he did with King Kong. David Fincher and Alfonso Cuaron have their own specific styles that I don't think would fit the best with Star Wars. Danny Boyle likes to experiment and sometimes I'm not sure if he respects any limits. J.J. Abrams has and is doing Star Trek, so let's give him that and leave it there. He doesn't need to be involved with everything. Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg have made their marks through their own franchises in history, so I'd like to see a bit younger blood for something like this. Brad Bird does seem like a solid contender, but Gore Verbinski would be my next-best pick from the list after Bryan Singer because of his experience with a large franchise, depth in art direction and experience with computer animation.

aDDicteD4188d ago

i agree with the rankings. spielberg is the right fit because he and george lucas collaborated in indiana jones so they know each other so well. spielberg can deliver the storytelling and heart which the star wars episode 1 and 2 lacked. disney should get a high quality director with mastery of storytelling combined with graphics and put star wars in the next level and not simply try to continue lucas tempo in order for the next trilogy to critically accepted. star wars was once a contender for best picture i believed it can happen again if disney push the right buttons.


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