Dreamworks Animation Weighs 'How To Train Your Dragon 3' As It Ramps Up Consumer Products

It isn’t a done deal yet, but CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg tells analysts that his studio is “looking at” the possibility of releasing a third How To Train Your Dragon movie to follow the second, due in 2014. The company sees it as a potential opportunity to drive sales of licensed merchandise — which Katzenberg says will become “a bigger part of DreamWorks Animation going forward than it had been.” He wants at least one of the three movies it releases each year to have “a clear, forward leaning consumer products opportunity.” He says that Turbo (due in 2013) Dragons 2, and Trolls (2015) would fit the bill. The company also plans to bring in “high caliber manpower” to help drive its products initiatives.

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alycakes3374d ago

Another Train Your Dragon movie makes me happy. I really enjoyed the first one and I'm looking forward to the second one. That type of animation movie is worth my time and money. I really don't care about the merchandise or anything like that but I'm sure that's how they make a lot of money.

Soldierone3374d ago

I hope the next movies are way better than the show lol

alycakes3373d ago

I haven't seen the show that's on tv so I wasn't sure if they were good or not.