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Arrow: "An Innocent Man": IGN Review

Last week's Arrow episode ended with Ollie revealing his vigilante activities to his bodyguard Diggle for the first time. This week, rather than simply settle into his new role as Ollie's sidekick/assistant -- as we all knew he would sooner or later -- Diggle took some time to mull things over and reassess what he wanted out of his life. The good news is that since Diggle is possibly the strongest character in the show, any episode focused heavily on his struggles is bound to benefit.

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alycakes3368d ago

I was so hoping that John Barrowman was going to be protraying a good character but he's not. I'm still happy to see him doing something even though I would like to see Jack Harkness again.

This was a good episode too and I'm glad that he's got someone else on his side that can help him get grounded because I did feel like he was going to be headed totally to the dark side himself if just continued on his own full of hate and revenge.

timmyp533366d ago

Is this show worth a look? How is the acting?

alycakes3366d ago

I'm really liking Arrow. There are a couple of people in it that are from other shows I remember that I have liked in the past. The new faces are also doing well. The writing is good and the action is very good. They also have the flashback so we're learning a little bit at a time about his 5 yrs on the island when everyone thought he was dead.