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Simon West Replaces Brian De Palma On 'Heat' Remake Starring Jason Statham

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At this point, Jason Statham is genre unto himself and can consistently pull in a steady, though small, audience to the low-budget genre fare he churns out annually. Earlier this year it was announced that Statham would be starring in a Brian DePalma-helmed and William Goldman-scripted remake of the forgotten 1986 Burt Reynolds vehicle “Heat.” Though the film is still moving forward, the legendary auteur has been swapped out for schlock-impresario Simon West.

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alycakes3791d ago

As long as they don't replace Jason Statham.

KingPin3790d ago

why remake a classic?

are they really that out of ideas where they think they can out do an original. seriously, talk about riding a name.

i dont care if they got jason statham in it, il pass. his movies have no depth. the only really good movie i think he has done is the bank job. il pass. thanks but no thanks

timmyp533789d ago

Love me some Jason Statham. Wish they would make a new Crank or something similiar though. He plays that role so good.