Felicia Day Returns to 'Supernatural' in 'LARP and the Real Girl'

Best. News. Ever. Fan favorite Felicia Day is returning to "Supernatural" to reprise her role of Charlie Bradbury in episode 811, "LARP and The Real Girl." As we previously revealed, the episode dives into the fandom underworld of live-action roleplaying. It's a concept the show has explored before in "The Real Ghostbusters," an episode that takes place at a "Supernatural" convention.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver tells us that this time, they're looking at LARPing from a different perspective. "We will be doing an episode that deals pretty heavily with the LARPing universe, different in a way that we've dealt with in the past," he says.

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alycakes3375d ago

She's been on this show before and I love it when she is. She is just so funny. I like the way she takes it so seriously and yet makes it just so much fun that you can't help but laugh at some of things that happen when she's around.