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The Six Directors Geek Binge Wants to See Tackle The New Star Wars Films

Geek Binge: Ah yes, the list the entire universe (including us) saw coming yesterday. After the news that Lucasfilm was developing a new Star Wars movie, the first question fans asked was obvious; what the hell would it be about? And well we talked about the direction in which the new trilogy could go in yesterday, today we’ll cover the SECOND most popular question that fans asked following the announcement; who will Disney hire to direct it? And even though they probably won’t be chosen for the gig, here’s who we’d like to see in the director’s chair for the new set of Star Wars films

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darklordzor3792d ago

The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards Dave Filoni. Any of the others would be great, but Filoni has done very well with the Clone Wars, as the supervising director, and I think he could bring quite a bit to another live-action film.

edwest3792d ago

Duncan Jones is probably the most realistic lock for director here. He's fresh, he's low cost and low maintenance therefore the studio will lap him up. They'll go for the newer/less renowned talent for this. Just remember, Irvin Kirshner wasn't a big hitter before Empire.