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Love And Hate Of Paranormal Activity

NRM: "It has both gained a huge approving audience, and yet an insurmountable history of hatred all at the same time. Paranormal Activity has been quite the talking point for its frightful minimalism of horror and Blair Witch style cinematography; but these have been the very reasons why you either love or hate the film.

Turns out we at New Rising Media can never come to an agreement on any debate, so we've taken two polarising opinions from two divided editors. Hopefully they'll forgive each other soon; but we're not banking on it."

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Paranormal Activity Stage Play in the Works

Surprisingly, a Paranormal Activity stage play in the works by the same producer who helped bring Life of Pi to Broadway.


Paranormal Activity Next of Kin Review: Another Unnecessary Addition

Paranormal Activity Next of Kin is an unnecessary addition to the franchise with a cool creature feature.

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Paranormal Activity Reboot Coming From Underwater Director, Releases March 2022

The Hollywood Reporter brings word tonight that a Paranormal Activity reboot is in the works from Underwater director William Eubank.

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