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Sons of Anarchy: "Ablation": IGN Review

After last week’s potentially tragic final scene, it was thoughtful of Sons of Anarchy not to make us wait too long before showing that Jax and Tara’s kids both survived the car crash. Gemma survived too, in more ways than one.

With Gemma being the cause of the accident, I’m sure most of us were ready for her to get some comeuppance from SAMCRO’s reigning king and queen for putting their kids in serious danger. Therefore, when Clay jumped in to give Gemma an alibi it was a bit of a shock. Not only did we not see Gemma get ripped to shreds (until later), but we got Jax apologizing to her for putting her in that situation and Tara thanking her for keeping the kids safe.

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alycakes3799d ago

This is one show that doesn't fail to deliver. It continues to surprise me and I am still in the dark as to where they will end up this season. All I really know is that someone has to deal with Clay and it always seems that no one ever does.