Why Disney Buying Lucasfilm is Great for Star Wars

Smart When Shouting writes:
In an incredibly surprising move, Disney announced early Oct. 30 that they would be purchasing Lucasfilm in its entirety for $4 billion in cash and stock. Through its purchase Disney will own the main Lucasfilm production company, post-processing subsidiaries Skywalker Sound and Industrial Lights & Magic,video game publisher LucasArts, and the full rights to the Star Wars franchise.

Though the deal does not include the rights to Indiana Jones, which is still held up at Paramount Pictures, or rights to previous Lucas properties like THX, the buyout is undoubtedly massive. Though Disney parks have always featured some Lucas influence in the form of attractions and their annual Star Wars Weekends events, purchasing the company in whole is a major step for the House of Mouse.

However, it’s undoubtedly a good one.

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Soldierone3792d ago

I personally wouldn't call this stuff a peak. Tron wasn't great, wasn't received great, and its having better success as a cartoon. Disney Fairies is just another TV grab Disney does, they always do this and it always does moderately well.

I would call Tangled a step in the right direction, Pirates a huge success, and Wreck It Ralph (if it does well) will be a signal for the peak leading into the Star Wars release.

I don't think you spend 4 billion on a company without profits coming from it, and Star Wars is obvious. You get the licenses to toys, games, shows. No matter what, fans are going to line up days in advance to see the next movie simply because its Star Wars, and if it sucks people will still line up for the second. Disney can now incorporate Star Wars fully into their theme parks (Jedi's walking around etc...) and don't have to pay for rights. They can now make their own shows, cross overs, games, etc....The 4 billion will be given back to them by the time the first Star Wars movie they make is released....

Also while on it, does anyone know if this means Star Wars comics will be going to Marvel now?