Five Directions Star Wars: Episode VII Could Go In

Geek Binge: Earlier today, it was revealed that Disney has purchased Lucasfilms, the production company behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Oh, and Willow. Everyone forgets about Willow…but I digress. Now that Disney has officially purchased the company, a variety of questions come to mind: will they release more Indiana Jones movies? Will Star Wars: The Clone Wars air on Disney Channel now? Will we (fangasm!) see a Pixar/Star Wars crossover? This is easily the biggest acquisition since Disney purchased Marvel a few years ago, but the biggest question must be asked: just what direction will the company be going in with the newly announced Star Wars: Episode VII? The Star Wars universe is a vast one, and could literally go anywhere. So now that Disney is preparing a new film for release in 2015, now is the time to figure out just what it could possibly be about. Here’s our predictions.

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