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Could Star Wars Episode VII Draw Inspiration From Star Wars Video Games?

For those of you who don’t know, Disney has acquired Lucasfilms and is set to release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Nobody knows yet what the storyline will be, although several Star Wars video games have explored periods in the Star Wars timeline outside of the famous films.

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darklordzor3794d ago

Please don't. If they are going to draw on anything, it needs to be the wealth of amazing books they have.

Arcee3794d ago

I agree. I personally would love to see the Grand Admiral Thrawn trilogy or the Dark Empire saga be brought to the big screen.

EditorAtGNG3793d ago

The games themselves weren't bad... Of course I am only taking into account KOTOR so, erm, carry on.

darklordzor3792d ago

Agreed, not all the games were bad. I typically enjoy a good deal of them. Story wise however, the books have the games trumped.

TheDailySuperHero3793d ago

The new trilogy will be an original story loosely based off of George Lucas' original treatments of Episodes 7-9 from decades ago. It's been confirmed.

Nac3793d ago

The one which had Luke looking for his sister(who was never Leia)?

pompombrum3793d ago

Is it set around the times of the books that continue the story after Return of the Jedi or sometime after Luke, Han etc?

tunaks13793d ago

I really hope they ignore EU that comes after ROTJ.

The ending of ROTJ is perfect, son redeems father story over!

Do not resurrect palpatine, do not make the anakin/luke story obsolete.

darklordzor3792d ago

I agree with not bringing Palpatine back. That was a little crazy, and happened in a comic. Other books are great though.

jerethdagryphon3793d ago

the idea of a reboot is horrifying


vin diesel as luke
robert downy jr as han
the rock as vader
the res evil chick as leia

all in a explosions over acting film...

books would be best 7-9 covered a new war breaking out within the galexy as the goverment brokedown iirc

TheWolverine3792d ago

they could always just ignore the books altogether and create a new future... im deeply worried by a new trilogy