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Nfamous' 13 Tales of Horror: Day 10 - Fatal Attraction

Arcee "Of all the scary movies I have seen in my lifetime none of them scared the crap outta me the way Fatal Attraction did. Why? Because Fatal Attraction literally hit close to home when it came to a love affair gone bad. I can relate to Michael Douglas’ character in the film to a certain degree when it comes to someone who does not understand that things are over. For you to understand this, let me tell you briefly about my past."

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Too Close to Winning- All 7 of Glenn Close's Oscar Nominations

One of the greatest actresses of all time, Glenn Close has been excellent at her craft for a very long time. That's the reason why it's always so jarring when the fact that she still hasn't won an Academy Award is brought up. Let's take a look at Close's stellar work that landed her seven nominations:

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Felissa Rose on her roles in Ghostbusters with Bill Murray and Fatal Attraction!

Frightmare HQ talks to Felissa Rose about her work on Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, and Fatal Attraction with Michael Douglas and how she feels fortunate that the horror community embraced her.


Murder, She Wrote: 6 Movies About Psycho Exes

Vengeful exes is a popular topic for Hollywood. Somehow psycho exes make for great entertainment. Here are seven of them.

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