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Nfamous' 13 Tales of Horror: Day 8 - Alien (1979)

LargeMarge67 "Alien was a very unique film for its time – a time when everyone working in the sci fi genre was trying to emulate Star Wars. Although Alien is set in the far reaches of space it is without question a rollicking monster movie with some great scares and shocking visual effects."

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Filming Completes on New Alien Movie

Director Fede Álvarez has revealed that filming has completed on his new Alien movie, due for release in cinemas in 2024.


Exclusive Interview: "Alien: Enemy Of My Enemy" Author Mary SanGiovanni

from In this exclusive Q&A "Alien: Enemy Of My Enemy" author Mary SanGiovanni discusses the third novel in this movie-inspired trilogy.

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rpad393d ago

cover looks like Venom's humorless cousin


Top 10 Best Body Horror Movies, Ranked

Fear of the blood tends to create fear for the flesh.

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