Mini List: Five Best Treehouse of Horror Shorts

Each year – starting with the second season – around Halloween, The Simpsons would transform into a horrific, gory filled anthology of short stories. Most of these episodes weren’t really that scary, but to a kid they were deemed downright terrifying. Over 23 seasons, there have been 69 short horror stories told during the Treehouse of Horror episodes. With Halloween just around the corner, Mini Fortress decided to highlight Five of the Best Treehouse of Horror Shorts.

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Daver3793d ago

The old ones are the best, they used to be more halloween. I dont like the new ones that much. I dont want to see transformers and christmas things Its halloween, show me halloween stuff.

robparko3792d ago

Funny you mention the Christmas thing because I sure noticed it as well. Seemed to be a Christmas skit almost every other season, even in some of the older eps.

Daver3792d ago

I have not watched the new one this year but I hope they get back to the halloween theme.