'How I Met Your Mother' Plots 'Buffy' Reunion With Seth Green

THR Live Feed:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, prepare to geek out. A key couple from the long dead WB drama is reuniting in primetime.

How I Met Your Mother announced Friday afternoon, via its official Twitter account, that actor Seth Green is set to guest alongside Mother star and former Buffy cast mate Alyson Hannigan.

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alycakes3799d ago

I loved these two together on Buffy. They were so cute.

TheCritic283799d ago

Haven't seen Buffy yet (I know...) but I love Seth Green, so I'm still excited.

Lord_Sloth3798d ago

I dunno if it's just my hatred of the character "Joker" from Mass Effect but he really grates on me.

no_more_heroes3798d ago

Guess he's just one of those characters then, 'cuz I loved Joker. :P

Ok, maybe not "loved", but he certainly didn't annoy me.

alycakes3798d ago

I guess you had to know him as the werewolf or Oz on Buffy as I first got to know him to like him...he really was great as that character.