Spider-Man Opinion: With Sony Financially Hurting, Could Spidey Come Back Home to Marvel?

The Sony is in trouble to the point where they might sell off their entire entertainment division due to a lack of profit. According to NY Post insiders, Sony could sell off assets even though their CEO is fighting these rumors.

Which brings up one of the biggest questions regarding their assets. So what happens to their Spider-Man movie rights?

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DarkBlood3800d ago

if that ever happens expect to see some major changes in the avengers 2 script just to even include spiderman in it

that or set it up in a way it includes him in avengers 3

Soldierone3800d ago

Sony isn't struggling....their TV market is, but look at their movies. just the other week they had what 2 or 3 movies in top box office? Spider-man is also a big hit for them and brings in tons of money, not just through sales, but licenses.

I love marvel, but i'm glad he isn't with them at the moment. Their stand alone movies are always nothing but action with some random thing to tie it to Avengers. Thor is really the only exception....

i say marvel just open their wallets a bit and pay Sony to work some cross over with them. Its Sony not Fox, so its possible.

OneAboveAll3800d ago

Spider-Man still has a chance of being in The Avengers even if he's Sony's property. Sony actually gave Marvel the go-ahead to use the "Oscorp" building in the Avengers movie but due to time it was scraped.

I can see Sony leasing the character to Marvel in order to make some quick $$$.

Soldierone3799d ago

i'm sure all it would take would probably be allow Sony to use some hero or villain that isn't directly tied to Spider-man. Basically allow the cross over to be for both sides.

Like I said it isn't Fox, so it CAN happen. Marvel is the ones in the commanding chair, not Sony. So I don't see why everyone blames Sony. I mean look at Fox openly saying "screw you marvel, its ours" have we ever seen Sony do that? no.

StarWarsFan3799d ago

I doubt they would sell their entire entertainment division. It contains so many properties that they can integrate with their gaming and computing operations just in terms of marketing. I think they would want to keep control of that.

fei-hung3799d ago

Amazing Spider-Man just made Sony over $500million in profit and there is profit from DVDs, BR, PPV, SKY and Cable amongst other things. Why would Sony sell the rights to a potential Golden Goose?

Sony has been doing great in the cinema division. Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Total Recall, Hotel Transylvania and Amazing Spider-Man all made Sony a good profit and Skyfall already has had a huge opening of $77million from a couple of days and not including the USA.

This article is very poor even for an opinion piece. It has barely taken any facts into consideration and if anything should be called a biase piece of writing.

MinimeJer053799d ago

I'd agree with all of them minus Total Recall and Dragon Tattoo.

Total Recall was a MASSIVE bomb, even including worldwide totals. I think it surpasses Battleship and John Carter as the most expensive flop of the year.

Dragon Tattoo performed, but not to Sony's predictions, which is why the sequel hasn't been moving along as fast as they would have hoped for.

But otherwise, the studio is making solid profit and Skyfall should help them close out the year on a stronger note than usual.

fei-hung3799d ago

GwDT made them a £100mill, which is not great, but considering it cost £90mill to make and had a small marketing budget next to the likes of MIB3 and Spidey it done pretty well.

I agree with TR though, although it made them a little profit (around $50mill), I am sure they were expecting TR to blow up in the charts considering the huge following the original had.

Yes, they need Spidey to continue and thank god the new Spidey isn't such a girly cry baby Spidey, but is cocky like the one in the comics. Prefere the new Spidey over the old one and the story line seems to be a lot more interesting than the old trilogy.

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