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CGM Reviews - Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill always seemed like a video game that should be a movie. Sure, from Super Mario Bros. onwards big screen video adaptations haven’t exactly had a spotless record. Generally speaking, something gets lost in translation. But with Silent Hill, there was a concept and a setting filled with disturbing/brilliantly designed characters to be played with. Plus, the games themselves tended to abandon plot threads and concepts willingly. So, to make a faithful adaptation, all that had to be done was bring the visual design to life and create a fresh tale of terror in a proven setting. When a film was finally made in 2006, major talent signed up in writer Roger Avery (Rules Of Attraction, Pulp Fiction) and director Christophe Gans ( Brotherhood Of The Wolf) and it seemed like maybe, just maybe the first great comic book move had been made. Unfortunately while the duo nailed the style and atmosphere of the game perfectly, they also stuck just a little too close to the plot

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level 3603373d ago

As a Silent Hill fan I thought they nailed how to make a video franchise into a cult movie classic with the first Silent Hill.

Such an absolute gem, it's really not important if it didn't turn out to be a blockbuster hit.

Have seen the trailer and will be waiting in anticipation when Revelation comes out.

STONEY43373d ago

Is it not out where you live? It's been out since Thursday in the US.

calis3373d ago

I don't think it's out in Australia yet either.

Lord_Sloth3373d ago

Unsure if I'll catch this 1. I still haven't watched the 1st either.....

WeskerChildReborned3373d ago

The first was one of the decent video game based movies, it's definitely alot better than some adaptions.