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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D brings us back to the hellish world of Alessa and her realm of rage and hate. CGI reigns in this revamp of the 2006 Silent Hill, and the same monsters rear their ugly heads.

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aDDicteD3808d ago

Even with the low or average reviews it's getting I'm still going to watch this film. I'm a fan of the silent hill video games as well as the first movie. the first movie also got a lot of low reviews but when I saw it, it was nice. hopefully this one is the same or maybe not but still i think it's still worth seeing.

Knight_Crawler3807d ago

I watched the movie and I can honestly say that you will be disappointed if your expecting to be as good as the first movie - I think the big budget and 3D is what really med this movie another Final Destination 3D.

It was good but it went from a James Nolan movie to a Micheal Bay movie :(

Best-Horror-Movies3808d ago

The visuals in the movie were fantastic can say as much for the story.

level 3603807d ago

Loved the first Silent Hill movie and will be waiting here in Oz for 3D Revelations.

Original Silent Hill didn't disappoint me at all, they took all aspects especially the atmospheric and creepy factor plus the very poignant ending from the game series.