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James Mangold Talks The Wolverine, "It's Not a Prequel"

The latest issue of Empire Magazine talks with director James Mangold about the upcoming, The Wolverine, film which is currently shooting. During the discussion, Mangold revealed that the film is not a prequel to the X-Men trilogy, as many assumed, but a sequel.

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darklordzor3805d ago

I'm kind of excited about that. Even though I didn't care for the movie, The Last Stand had a lot of things happen in it, and I've been curious to see a story take place after all of it. It's not a direct sequel, but it sounds like we'll see some of the ramifications.

TheDailySuperHero3805d ago

The time line of this movie already doesn't make sense seeing as how there was a credits scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine showing him in Japan and setting up this movie. Hard to believe all the other X-Men movies happened between Wolvie's last solo movie and this one. But it'll all be fixed once X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out and pulls a Star Trek with time travel. Just sayin' and in theory.

wishingW3L3805d ago

Origins is before the X-men, and this one is after the X-men. How does this doesn't make sense? I mean, just because they showed something after the credits of Origins doesn't mean that it was right after it.

DarkBlood3805d ago

i understand dailysuperhero's confusing going by most after credit scenes or mid credit it is generally shown a teaser for the next movie sometime after the one you just saw not after the trilogy has been out years prior to that

i mean its bi related to the trilogy and its not so it does and doesnt make sense at the same time

darklordzor3805d ago

Maybe they're just going to act like Origins didn't happen. That's how I think of it anyway.

Soldierone3805d ago

Was about to say what was stated above.

I think you are correct. The other movie was supposed to lead into something, but due to the criticism of the Wolverine movie I think they went "uh, lets go somewhere else!"

After all would you really want to tie yourself to that movie?