Trailer Breakdown: Is the Iron Man 3 Trailer Pulling a Dark Knight Rises?

Geek Binge: Unlike most of the world, I was never exactly smitten with the Iron Man franchise. Well I found the first one to be a fun film, Iron Man 2 was pretty damn mediocre, a mess of half baked ideas jumbled into a half hearted Avengers prequel. Following that one, I wasn’t sure I really cared to see the further adventures of Tony Stark. But then Favreau (who I found to be a serviceable director at best) left the series, and they replaced him with writer/director Shane Black. Now I love Shane Black, and especially love his last project with Robert Downey Jr, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. My attention was once again piqued, but I was no where near anticipating the film. Following the disaster of a second film, I just wasn’t sure if the franchise would be able to repair itself. Well yesterday the first trailer for the film hit the internet and, after seeing it, the question must be asked: did it sway my opinion what so ever with its seemingly darker tone and more character focused story. Well the answer is yes. Yes, yes, and yes.

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Batman52733374d ago

That's exactly the question I was going to ask. Mandarin is like Bane teaching the world that a hero can bleed. Hell Stark's mask is even broken. There are way too many similarities

DarkBlood3374d ago

no complaints from me i love that idea, must be the recent surge of combining reality as much as possible not to say anything nonreality isnt theoretically possible

alycakes3373d ago

That's what is special about Batman and Iron Man in that they aren't super humans. They're just regular human beings and they can get hurt and die just like anyone else. Their only advantage is they're smart, they have tons of money and can use it to make all those interesting and bad ass toys to help them fight crime.