A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection Blu-ray: IGN Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street is, without a doubt, one of the best, most consistent, horror franchises of our time. While the series has stumbled every so often, it usually bounces back with something fresh and inventive. And even the films that stumble (2, 5, 6) have their cult followings and hardcore fans (myself included). Admittedly, though, even some of the good films have their weaknesses, along with their strengths.

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alycakes3803d ago

Would you believe I've never seen any of these? I've seen bits and pieces when I'm turning channels on the tv but other than that...never.

Bumpmapping3803d ago

Why is that not a fan of horror?I recommend Nightmare On Elm Street 3 my favorite one of the series.Also watch out for part 2 terrible movie worst of the series.

alycakes3803d ago

I wasn't much into those except for the Halloween series. I did watch some of the Friday the 13th and couldn't quite get into those either. I'll try and watch the 3rd Elm St one and see if I like it or not.

DarkBlood3802d ago

didnt even know the collection was out on blu-ray at least all of the classic movies that is