'Wanted 2' Update: No Jolie, But New Female Character
Fans of the 2008 action movie Wanted have been waiting patiently for word on a sequel since the film hit big at the domestic box office (grossing nearly $134.5 million), but now it sounds like Wanted 2 may finally on the horizon.

Talking to about his new novel spy novel, The Right Hand (set for release in November), Wanted screenwriter Derek Haas revealed that he and his writing partner Michael Brandt are readying to deliver their second draft of the script. Arriving at this point nearly half a decade later was a bumpy ride Haas was happy to take.

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alycakes3374d ago

Of course Jolie won't be on it...she died in the first one. I'm open for a new female lead as long as they get a good actor and not just look at the pretty face. I'm all for the good looks and healthy shapes but they also need to be smart and be able to act.