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Sons Of Anarchy Collider Review: “Toad’s Wild Ride”

Until the last few minutes of “Toad’s Wild Ride,” I was having a rather nice go of things. Sons of Anarchy threw some weirdness at us this year, and a lot (and I do mean a metric crap ton) of violence, but in “Toad’s Wild Ride” there were some really interesting moments about loyalty and betrayal, especially bringing Juice’s story to the forefront. Alliances change often on the show, but Bobby, Chibs and even Tig are firmly in Jax’s corner right now. Clay is delusional if he thinks he could get back at the head of the table and past all of them. I sincerely doubt, too, that Juice would ever fully back Clay in a coup, especially if Chibs was on the other side. Still, seeing Clay carefully play Unser and Juice and the Nomads was fun to watch, especially the trick he pulled at Unser’s Airstream. Clay is just as dangerous as ever, and now Jax knows that giving him a second chance was a mistake. Of course, most of us would have thought the first time after someone tried...

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