Iron Man 3 Opinion: Has Tony Stark Lost Control of His Suits or Does Extremis Create A.I.?

The Don't judge but The Daily SuperHero has watched the Iron Man 3 trailer multiple times and has even gone through it to the point where you do that thing and hit play-pause really quick to see everything there is to see in it. But this is done for a reason and one of the reasons is to figure out/speculate why it seems like Tony Stark's suits are out of control in several scenes.

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Rusco873799d ago

Was the article written by a 10 year old? The suit sequences where stark is the frame and suit is mobile are clearly going to be scenes of his dreams. The feeling of an outer body experience hence the dialogue in the trailer. Not the suit becoming self aware, the second film explains that stark has no interest in making an A.I only suit, it's too dangerous.