Iron Man 3 Trailer Observations and Questions With Screenshots

The The Iron Man 3 trailer is online and while it shows action, suspense and looks to have a much darker tone than the previous two movies, there are many questions and observations after watching it too many times in a row.

Let's dive right in.

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OneAboveAll3809d ago

So many spelling mistakes in that article.

TheDailySuperHero3809d ago

Two small mistakes in using the wrong word that WAS spelled correctly, technically speaking.

OneAboveAll3808d ago

You would disagree even though i'm correct. Perhaps next time you will actually proof read before publishing. That's what all professionals do. You ARE a professional right? Riiight?

TheDailySuperHero3808d ago

@OneAboveAll: Nobody is perfect and if you think the LA/NY Times or Chicago Tribune or the Washington Post are perfect, you're wrong. Plus, when you have a limited budget and one editor, who works in his free time, small things can and will slip through the cracks. Sorry to offend your need for perfection but this is the reality of the situation and everyone makes a small mistake(s) from time-to-time.