‘Iron Man 3′ & ‘Thor 2′ Plot Spoilers, Character Deaths & More

Screen Rant

Those behind the filming of Thor: The Dark World are certainly no strangers to stuntmen spilling the beans. It was stunt performer James Grogan who first revealed that the Dark Elves would be the villains battling Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in his next adventure, and the race has since been confirmed to appear, possibly among many others.

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TheDailySuperHero3806d ago

Loki as an anti-hero? Sounds awesome!

level 3603804d ago

I'd also like to see them make a movie about Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye along with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow character just to complete the entire ensemble's back stories.

alycakes3801d ago

Yeah! I wouldn't mind finding out more about them and what their little dark secrets are. I know both were spies but I know they both have really dark back grounds.

Soldierone3800d ago

Seeing more Scarlett Johanson as black widow?! Do I need an excuse for that to happen? haha