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The Walking Dead "Sick" - Geekenstein Review

In “Sick,” we are introduced to the last surviving inmates of the prison Rick and the other survivors now call home. While the comic versions of the inmates were brutal, there is only so much brutality a comic panel can hold. The TV version amplifies their comic counterparts tenfold and really drives the point home that they cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted within close proximity to Rick’s group. Despite giving them the option to stay in their own cellblock, that wasn’t enough for the prisoners. As the leader said, it’s their prison and Rick’s group has no business there.

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Bathyj4149d ago

I would have killed that guy the second he went Psycho on his friend. It was obviously always going to trouble and you just couldnt trust him to be left to his own devices.

And Lori continues to sh*t me and make bad decisions. Why when they think someone might turn do they immediately want to get close to them, and touch mouths no less? Yeah she saves him, but it just shows how stupid she is, like when she went after Rick on her own and crashed that car. Carl should have told her to Go f*(k herself.


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