'Iron Man 3': First Look at Ben Kingsley as New Villain The Mandarin


Ever notice Ben Kingsley is either trying to destroy the world or trying to save it?
Behold the man who helped do “absolute good” in Schindler’s List and Gandhi as he shifts into absolute bad mode for Iron Man 3 as the international terrorist known as The Mandarin.
Comic book readers are very familiar with Tony Stark’s multi-ringed nemesis, but those who know this corner of the Marvel universe only from the movies can now bow their heads in subjugation before a new acquaintance.

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Crazay2555d ago

I think Ben Kingsley is a fantastic actor, and I have no doubt in his abilities to play this character but I have to kinda question wether casting him in the role of The Mandarin was a good idea. I just picture someone taller and more...Chinese looking.

GearSkiN2555d ago

look asian enough to me. mongolian a lil bit.

cyclindk2555d ago

I'm unfamiliar with the character and the Iron Man comic series in general, so I guess my "ignorance" to the sorts of details real fans will notice is a benefit in my case.

All the other films have been cast quite well in my uninformed opinion, so I have high hopes for this one.

Baka-akaB2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

As he fancy himself into the delusion of being a descendant of Genghis Khan , the mongolian look could be fitting . And he's half-white English, half-Chinese .

Finally the Mandarin has been quite a racist caricature at first ... so they needed to blur that line .

maniacmayhem2555d ago

Hmmm, must not be a lot of great asian actors to portray the role.

ironfist922555d ago

Jackie Chan wouldve been an interesting cast choice as a villain imo

chazjamie2554d ago

fuck he would of been awesome. after kicking tony's ass he would be like, do you want to tempura rolls with ass kicking. or be like, I are kick your butt

vitorizzo2555d ago

IIRC in the comic tony stark was captured during a war with the chinese or some asian country so it made sense for the mandarian to be asian.

in the movie tony was captured by an iraqi/ arab terrorist group and apparently the mandarian is part of this group so i dont see why they would make him asian.

Baka-akaB2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

He will still be asian . He is just moving away from the fu manchu kind of controversial stuff . In the comics' stories was always half british anyway , just portrayed in early comics as a full-on chinese tyrant .

And he only superficially tied with Tony Stark's original capture anyway in the comics .

It's the same with the established plot of the movies . Tony was only captured by a group with ties to the Ten Rings , wich is pretty much an international , or at least transcontinental group .

Dont see how it should change the mandarin's obvious chinese/eastern heritage

timmyp532555d ago

Glad to know they won't be going to E.T route that Avengers went. Just one bad ass vs another. Kingsley will do fine. He isn't chinese but the guy played Ghandi... come on.

HiddenMission2554d ago

What are you talking about Thanos is one of the biggest name Marvel characters and has been at the center of the majority of Marvel Comic conflicts.

The fact that the Avengers started the process of openning up the doors for characters like Galactus.

I'm not sure if you are new to Marvel and it's background but the E.T comment kind of seems like you don't really know what you're talking about here.

...just saying

timmyp532553d ago

I don't know IMHO I just like movies grounded and somewhat realistic. That's why I like the first two Iron Man movies it was more about technology then anything.

HiddenMission2553d ago


So based off of your comment it's pretty clear your not really a fan of Marvel or the comics...would that be a correct statement?

One of the biggest issues fans of comics hate is when a movie changes too much of what made the comics special. A good director and producer hell even the writer to need to be able to find a balance to the mix to produce something special. It has to stay true to the roots but at the same time appeal to a large audience since it's a movie adaption of a comic series.

My personal take is that by bringing Thanos as the next villain that they achieve what FF Rise of the Silver Surfer failed to do which is properly introduce a galactic level villain while still grounding it in reality and the original myth.

...just my take on the whole subject.

timmyp532552d ago

Not a fan of the comics bro. Just like certain type of movies. I'm sure my opinion would differ If I did read the comics. Sort of why I liked TDKR more then the Avengers. Just personal preference.

wishingW3L2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

why can't they have a villain that doesn't look like Machete for once? But he does look like the Mandarin from the comics though. I really have no idea who this villain is but based on this pic from wikipedia the actor does look like him a lot.

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