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Smiley is a movie about what happens when an urban legend on the internet becomes “real.” The story goes, if you are video chatting with someone and you type “I did it for the Lulz” three times, then Smiley will appear behind that person and then kill them while you watch. This isn’t like Candyman or Bloody Mary though, you actually have to want the person to die. How Smiley measures that I’m not quite sure, but if he can appear anywhere, then I guess he can figure it out. This is definitely a lower budget thriller, but they don’t skimp when it comes to the villain. Smiley has sewn his eyes shut and carved a big smile almost like the Joker onto his face. He’s definitely on the creepy side, though not even close to intimidating as even a regular circus clown. I guess Smiley’s real power is that you may not believe in him until the moment he kills the victim you asked him to off, and then once you see him, then he gets to come after you and kill you. This is something that the person telling you the story will most likely leave out, as they haven’t tried to summon Smiley themselves and are hoping they can trick you into doing it. So the movie is kind of a mix of Feardotcom and Candyman, though with way more internet references than either of those.

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