First Official Iron Man 3 Stills Feature Tony Stark, Pepper Potts And ‘Iron Patriot'


Two awesome new still photos from Marvel's Iron Man 3 movie have been released in anticipation for tomorrow's big teaser trailer; featuring Iron Patriot, Robert Downey Jr. & Gywneth Paltrow.

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OneAboveAll3377d ago

Sorry, don't think that's Iron-Patriot as Iron-Patriot is actually Norman Osbourn and he's not in the movie. It's just an painted up War-Machine.

Lord_Sloth3377d ago

Pretty sure it isn't Osborne but that doesn't mean it's Rhodes either. Could be a soldier given the military's prototype.

OneAboveAll3377d ago

It's already been confirmed that it's War-Machine by the director though. o____O