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Dexter: "Run": IGN Review

"I showed her a monster."

I really enjoyed "Run." Like, really enjoyed it. Yeah, given the end of last week's episode and the guilt that Deb was feeling over arriving too late to save Speltzer's victim, the actual direction of this episode was predictable, but since it's a direction I was excited about heading, and a story that I'm anticipating getting into, I didn't mind at all. The angle here being, of course, Deb more or less accepting that Dexter's dark deeds fill a base societal need; perhaps even opening up the avenue of them working as a team in episodes ahead. And getting there, to the point at the end of the episode when Deb confesses to feeling good about Spelter's incineration, was thrilling.

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timmyp533802d ago

Season is definitely picking up with this episode!