The Walking Dead: "Sick": IGN Review

While not as strong as the season premiere, the second episode of Season 3 kept up the momentum, with the struggle to save Hershel’s life intermixed with Rick and the group getting to know those prisoners they came across last week.

Some of the interaction with these prisoners didn’t quite sell, notably their de facto leader, Tomas, whose bravado and attitude came off as a bit fake. I’m not sure if it was the writing or the performance of Nick Gomez as Tomas, but he came off as more silly than threatening.

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alycakes3386d ago

This was a stressful and yes, 'sick' episode. I'm not sure but each one gets more and more stressful about how things are going for this group. Yes, they have a place to stay for a while but if you think about it...they aren't really any safer.

Bumpmapping3385d ago

LOL@Rick "Sh!t Happens" most badass thing hes done so far.

Ares84HU3385d ago

I like this show less and less.....

gaffyh3384d ago

I like this show more and more. IMO, the two episodes of this series so far, are better than the second series as a whole. Plus, this ep deserves much more than 8/10 because stuff actually happened.

aDDicteD3384d ago

The prisoners were not very threatening, i thought that their role would be like in the comics were sudden episode of murders were happening and fingers were being point at and stuff like that would be great to be included in the show, but i guess not cause rick's group in this show was small to begin with unlike in the comics were there were a lot of them left. Well the tv series did a different approach and it still was awesome specially the prison riot thing were they look like newbies in the zombie apocalypse though same thing happened that Rick killed somebody with the sh!t happens punchline and then they added a scene were he just locked up andrew outside with the zombies was nice. I'm liking the axel that they have in this show compared to the comics and they also added up a new character oscar. it'll be interesting to see what those two would add to to the show.

TheBreezyBB3384d ago

The show is becoming a joke.