Famke Janssen To Cameo As Jean Grey In The Wolverine

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With The Wolverine currently in production in Sydney, Australia, hype is starting to build for the upcoming X-Men film. So far, we’ve seen various set pictures as well as the first official shot of the titular character.

It’s all been very exciting and today, the excitement continues as we’ve learnt that Famke Janssen flew into Sydney last week to shoot a cameo for the film. This news comes after Janssen hinted at the possibility of reprising her role as Jean Grey in an X-Men film while on the press tour for Taken 2.

Janssen played Jean Grey a.k.a. The Phoenix, the love of Wolverine’s life, in the previous X-Men films. It is unclear how her character will fit into The Wolverine but seeing as the film is thought to be another prequel to the original X-Men trilogy, having her appear could make sense. However she factors into it, her role in the film, as small as it may be, is sure to get fans excited.

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aDDicteD3385d ago

I dont know what to react about this... rumor about having her as a cameo on x-men days of the future past would make sense because of the time traveling theme of the story but having her as a cameo on the wolverine is a bit cloudy to me.

TheCritic283385d ago

Hmm...this would muddy up the storyline of those films substantial. If The Wolverine even fits into the cannon set up by the previous X-Men films. The entire mythology is pretty muddied up at this point.

darklordzor3384d ago

Well I'm hearing they're really integrating the Days of Future Past storyline and using it to connect this film with the upcoming First Class sequel. The Future Past storyline features time travel and what not, so while it may be confusing, it could also clean up their continuity pretty good.