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AMC Channels To Return To Dish As Lawsuit Settled

From Deadline:

Cablevision Systems and AMC Networks announced today they have settled all litigation with Dish Network. Settlement includes new longterm agreement for Dish to resume carriage of AMC Networks including AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel and WE TV. AMC will return today on Dish channel 131. The other networks will return November 1. That’s good news for Dish subscribers who missed watching The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and other AMC shows because Dish had dropped the networks back in June.

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TheCritic284150d ago

I imagine AMC is going to have to rush now and eliminate the thousands of Dish Network negative content they've been releasing lol.

darklordzor4150d ago

I tell you what though, those commercials had me cracking up every time I saw them. It was just so blatant. Guess it worked!


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