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The Big Bang Theory: "The Re-Entry Minimization": IGN Review

Wolowitz has trouble adjusting to life on Earth.

Following two solid weeks in a row, last week's Big Bang episode was comparatively bland. Fortunately, Season 6 regained some momentum with "The Re-Entry Minimization." Wolowitz is back on terra firma for the firs time since blasting off into space at the end of Season 5. But much to the amusement of viewers, he learned that the world didn't exactly stop turning while he was away.

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alycakes3384d ago

I'm sorry guys for all that are tired of this show but last night it was just too funny! It should have been about Howard coming back but to me it was more about the girls against the boys. Penny and Amy playing simple games against Sheldon and Leonard (who claimed they are too smart to loose) and lost every time. The games were genius!