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Behind-the-Scenes Featurette for Cloud Atlas

Warner Bros. has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette for The Wachowski Siblings and Tom Tywker‘s Cloud Atlas. The studio has a difficult task of selling the movie because it’s so different than what audiences are used to, and yet the film is surprisingly accessible if you’re willing to go along with its central conceit: six storylines with overlapping themes and shared actors. The trailers and TV spots are pushing glowing pull quotes and the overarching plot devices, and this new featurette is in line with that marketing approach. The only hurdle is in trying to get audiences to go in even though they don’t know the individual plotlines. It’s a challenge viewers need to meet or else they’ll be missing out on one of the year’s best films.

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alycakes3293d ago

It's going to be a good movie but I'll have to see it alone or with my friends or family. My husband says that if you have to think at a movie it not entertainment and this is a thinking movie....he hated the Matrix movies because of that.