'Justice League' Aims for Summer 2015 After Superman Victory

From LA Times:

DC Comics' superheroes can finally team up on the big screen following yesterday's legal victory for Warner Bros. in its long-running fight over the rights to Superman.

The studio is expected to accelerate development of a planned "Justice League" movie that would join Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other characters, according to a knowledgeable person not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

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darklordzor3389d ago

Sounds perfectly plausible to me. All I know is that 2015 sounds like it's going to be an epic Summer. This and Avengers 2. It's gonna be good.

TheCritic283389d ago

I would laugh if WB set the film to come out for May SECOND 2015. It seems like something they would do.

OneAboveAll3389d ago

Wouldn't really make a big difference. Comic book fans are going to see both. Even if they come out on the same day. I know I would.

darklordzor3388d ago

Ha, that'd be pretty hilarious. I doubt they'd come out that close, just so they can each have their own 'share' of the market, but OneAboveAll is right, geeks are going to see both anyway...I know I am.

Coolcomiclover3389d ago

Robin should be in the movie ,green lantern and flash . Aqua man should be in it but what can he do all he can do is swim

Soldierone3389d ago

Good, glad they won the battle. Hate to see Superman disappear.

Also my line up would be WW, Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter. With appearances of Black Canary, Flash, Nightwing, and maybe Shazam!

With the character they built around Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern, I don't really see a need for Flash to be in the main group yet. Plus in terms of making movies, these characters deserve it (and WW and Green Arrow have shows, so they can be sub characters)

DarkBlood3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

i wasnt aware there was a battle over superman rights im guessing its old?

i dont know about anyone being subcharacters but arrow i might understand but wonder woman last i knew isnt the tv idea scraped?

flash might as well be in there if anything to see how well hes recieved before getting his own movie but im going to enjoy all the characters anyways

Soldierone3389d ago

It was scrapped, but its alive again just recently. They are working with a new network and trying to get it done.

Flash I agree, but thats why I said appearance. Don't need him in the entire movie since you have Ryan Reynolds for humor. Rather have Martian Manhunter in that slot.

Sub characters I mean like in Avengers where the entire focus wasn't on Thor, it was on Captain America and Iron Man. I would put WW and Green Arrow in the Black Widow and Hulk spots. I say Hulk because they would need to re introduce one of them.

DarkBlood3389d ago

ah ok in that case i think flash should be given the hulk treatment and i guess wonderwomen too maybe

even as a fan of dc more so then marvel *but i love them all really lol* im not entirely sure as to whos more popular or less

but then again it was all pretty good in the avengers so hopfully they can get the time slots in the movie fairly equal for every character but i have a feeling superman and batman is going to have a slightly more screen time

hkgamer3389d ago

i thought they was going to use a different green lantern

DarkBlood3388d ago

i think thats still up in the air a second green lantern movie hasnt even been announced yet or whatever is going on with that particular character

so unless he dies in the second movie or something its likely Ryan will be in the justice league

Adva3388d ago

Green lantern
These are most likely going to be the cast included. There is a possibility we may see Green Arrow due to the recent TV show of Arrow.

darklordzor3388d ago

Yeah, I'm thinking the original group of JL heroes (which you just listed) would be the best.