Supernatural: "Heartache": IGN Review

After getting off to such a strong start with their eighth season, it was probably inevitable that Supernatural would come back down to earth at some point. It was a little disappointing that it happened so quickly here with “Heartache”, the season’s third episode and first monster-of-the-week story.

Jensen Ackles directed the episode, his third time in the director’s chair for the show. He did a fine job, although he wasn’t given a lot to work with in terms of the hunting story. The hunt for the monster who was killing people that had all received organs from the same donor was fairly predictable, although there was a twist or a turn here and there.

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alycakes3381d ago

I can't give up on this show. It was a good episode but no one of their best but I have no doubt that they still have a lot to do before this season is over.