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Why Was Ant-Man Left Out of Marvel Phase Two?

Geek Binge: Earlier this week, something we’ve been waiting for for years was finally announced; the release date for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Just to remind you what Ant-Man is (don’t worry, he’s so obscure that it’s pretty easy to forget), Ant-Man is the (apparently comedic) adaptation of the Marvel superhero who can grow to any size that he wants. The script is written by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim) and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), which is truly going to be a pairing to behold following the pair’s previous films. And well we knew that Ant-Man would be Wright’s next film following The World’s End, not until today did we find out a release date: November 6, 2015. Which, if you’re paying attention, puts it right after The Avengers 2 in terms of release date. Which means that Ant-Man won’t be a part of that phase, and will instead kick-off Marvel’s THIRD phase. So why did Marvel choose to position Ant-Man in this way? Why couldn’t he fit into Marvel’s second phase?

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TheDailySuperHero3293d ago

Marvel wants Ultron to be a villain in the third Avengers movie. That's the reasoning we're gonna stick too.

DarkBlood3293d ago

so hes more powerfull then thanos? Ive never the chance to actually get into comics yet lol

providing im trying to find a proper comic store around here whenever i get the chance

TheDailySuperHero3289d ago

Thanos is the villain in the second Avengers movie. We're talking about Ultron in a third Avengers movie.

DarkBlood3288d ago

i know that, i mean is ultron more powerfull then thanos after all im hearing about thanos using some special equipment that makes him near undefeatable more or less and was wondering how he compares to ultron

alycakes3293d ago

I do know there's suppose to be another villian but I don't know who it's going to be yet.