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The Evolution of Michael Myers

When it comes to iconic horror figures, three names emerge as prominent forerunners of the past three decades or so: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

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Best-Horror-Movies3817d ago

If you are looking for tons of details on Michael Myers and some great images this article is for you.

adorie3817d ago

I plan on watching the immortal classic when they re-release it in theaters for a short run.

Best-Horror-Movies3817d ago

Not sure what happened on the link it should be:

alycakes3817d ago

I've always liked Michael Myers in the Halloween series. I can do without the Friday the 13th me those were just dumb but for some reason...I like the other one...

Dread3817d ago

This is basically an article about masks.

So if you are somewhat interested in how Michael Myers' mask has changed throughout the twenty million sequels of
Halloween then this article is for you, if not, stay clear.

Kopite_20203817d ago

This guy is obsessed with eyebrows!

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